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~ Space Channel 5 Part 2 ~

I spent my Sunday doing laundry, making spaghetti, baking a “Weight Watchers” cake (cake mix and diet soda), and playing video games with my beaux. Normally Sunday video games consist of massive amounts zombie killing, but today we decided to take a walk down memory lane and play Space Channel 5 for Xbox. This is seriously one of the coolest games ever, where else can you have a dance battle to save the universe? While I never got to play the game “back in the day”, I can say for sure that this game is so totally me. From the colours, to the cool characters (Michael Jackson is in it!!!), to Ulala’s fabulous costume changes, Space Channel 5 is visual kaleidescope of retro fun.

Ulala groupspacechannel5_michaeljackson

Images via Spong.com, Wikia, and MTV Multiplayer


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