5 things you didn’t know about me

Today I want to share a few things about myself. Some of these things are super random, but hey, we all have our little quirks. Promise you’ll still love me after??

1. I LOVE socks. Like any and every type of socks there are. But funky ankle socks are my fave. Seriously any store I go in to, if I find cool socks I’m like JACKPOT! Wal-Mart always has the brightest, coolest socks and they sell them in bunches, I usually end up walking out of there with like 15 pairs!

2. I can never watch television with the volume on an odd number. So yea, this is kind of OCDish, but I just can’t seem to bear the thought of that odd number. And I literally go nuts if someone changes the volume and they stop at like 23….like dude, just turn it up one more notch!

3. When I’m eating something I really enjoy, I make happy food noises and do little dances in my seat. Ok this one, I didn’t know I did until my beaux brought it to my attention. He said he can always tell when I like something because the humming commences lol.

4. I count my steps…another OCDish habit. Don’t ask me why, I just start counting.

5. I’m somewhat of a hypochondriac. Seriously WebMD is like my best friend. For 5 years I was convinced I had diabetes and no matter how many times that blood work came back negative, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t diabetic. During my last physical, I was actually hurt when my doctor told me my iron level was normal, I’ve been anemic for as long as I can remember.

So there you have it, five little nuggets of knowledge to help you get to know me better.



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